Who We Are

Madison's ONLY Certified Kosher Bakery

As the only certified Kosher dairy kitchen between Milwaukee, Minneapolis and Chicago we are dedicated to providing our customers with the freshest ingredients in producing the highest quality donuts daily - not only to our in-store retail customers, but also our growing wholesale distribution clients, such as some of Wisconsin's finest supermarket chains.

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Our History

  • On March 1, 1996, life-long Madison residents Marv and Barb Miller entered into the bakery business with the purchase of a struggling donut shop located in the shadows of Camp Randall Stadium in Madison, Wisconsin. Their vision of providing old-fashion bakery goods, reminiscent of when they were growing up, for Madison and its surrounding communities was their ultimate aspiration.

  • Through a focus on customer service, it’s employees and the bakery’s processes, the Millers have built a foundation that embodies the core values and spirit of small business: hard work, determination, ethics and being an upstanding business in the community it serves.

  • Greenbush Bakery is committed to providing its patrons with products that are prepared with the utmost quality and of the freshest ingredients. In February of 1998 Marv and Barb fostered a partnership with the Jewish community in order to become a certified kosher dairy kitchen. In accordance to Jewish law, the Greenbush Bakery adheres to strict and high standards in order to maintain “Kashrut” throughout its operations. As a result of this commitment, the phrase “Kosher means quality” is visible in all of the Greenbush Bakery’s marketing and packaging elements, especially from the infamously trademarked "Donut Man".

  • It is an honor and privilege to proudly serve our customers and community with a quality product and purchase experience. We thank our loyal and future customers in making us a part of your lives.

Why Choose Us

Our commitment to offering our award-winning products starts with never being satisfied with just being another bakery. With a vast selection of artisan product offerings to satisfy the diverse tastes of our customers to exceeding the mandated zero trans fat FDA requirements with our products being fried in a 100% soybean based oil, the Greenbush Bakery aspires to provide all with an extraordinary donut experience.

Serving and giving back to our community is an honor we take great pride in and never take for granted. Support of organizations and causes that make our community a better place is our civic obligation - a core value the Greenbush Bakery was founded on.

We look forward to seeing you soon at one of our two Madison locations. And remember, Kosher means quality!

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